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Liv India takes on a new loop for the homemakers of India. They have being providing basic goods for daily usage without any worries in regards to their maintenance. The quality of PVC made products have always been preferred over the cotton, silk or linen ones.


In accordance to that, the PVC door mats have been a huge hit in the market. The indoor and outdoor ones are very user-friendly and easy to clean. Their sleekness is admired by many to the point that their designs have been copied many local competitors. But Liv India’s loyal customers could tell the difference as soon as they came across it. The quality offered here can’t be competed with.

These come in two styles:

1. Rib Step Mats: These are very sleek looking and misunderstood by many as delicate. But they are far from it. They can be placed in between the stairs, in front of the dresser during those cold wintery mornings, next to the fridge door, children’s rooms and as one may want.


2. Rib Doormats: These come in many standard sizes for the front or back door of the house. They are non-slippery and one can step on these even with slimy shoes. These come in many neutral shades of blue, maroon, beige and black.

Made in the rubber and turf style by Liv India, they are adaptable to any space. The sole purpose of these mats are to keep the hygiene of the house up to mark. And don’t allowing the dirt to scatter around the room. And that’s why people don’t lay out the floor towels and opt for the door mats manufacturersrugs for a daily use.

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